Alison Murray Wells is married with two children and lives in Gloucestershire where her studio, a spacious converted granary, is ideal for sculpture clinics as well as allowing room for her own works in progress.

Early years of painting in oils soon gave way to sculpture, which had become the artist's greater love and she later established herself in the world of portrait bronzes. A rigorous attention to accuracy in the detail of the commissions combines with a sensitivity and empathy with the subject to capture the essence of character as well as likeness. The aim is always that third parties who are intimately acquainted with the subject, as family or friends, should instantly delight in recognition of the demeanour and inner person portrayed - but the artist insists on another imperative:that each of her works must also be timeless and beautiful (or arresting) as an impersonal and free-standing work of art.

In conjunction with her main discipline of portraiture, Alison Murray Wells has also been successful in studies of animals and birds. Recent sculptures of a cheetah at full stretch, an owl in the act of swooping on prey and a carthorse straining at its labours have brought both considerable interest in her interpretations of musculature and movement and demand for her work.

The artist's focus remains, however, on her main discipline, since each portrait requires considerable time and dedication to the work in hand. In 2012 and 2013 works by Alison Murray Wells were accepted for exhibition by the Royal Society of British Artists.

All portrait busts are created in bronze, all other sculptures can be done in bronze or cold cast bronze.